This is me and my Sydney just chilling out together! 

This is me and my boy. 12/11




About (Biography)

All About Me

I like to think I'm a pretty simple person.  I'm not 'high maintenance'.  I'm a Kohl's/Old Navy kind of gal. 
I was born in Northern New Jersey. I went to college at U. of Hartford, where I graduated with both a BS and MA in Early Childhood Education. I lived in CT. for a few years after I graduated, then eventually moved back down to NJ where I taught Kindergarten in the same school I went to!

 I have two children.
My son Ryan is too smart for his own good! So cute, and sweet, and will always be my 'best little man'!

My daughter Sydney is special needs. So beautiful and so strong!   She lost so much of her brain due to 3 strokes, yet is so smart, and so funny, and has already already accomplished so much more then ever expected.

Me, well, in September of 2015 Ryan and Sydney's dad divorced after 13 years.  And as I always like to say, "It's all good."

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